Thursday, 30 May 2013

Liquid Leisure!

So, I'm back in England!! first summer in quite a few years...although so far i've only seen the sun twice!!!

I've got myself a job down at Liquid Leisure Wakeboard park, i'm working in the shop over summer,which will be a nice change from being in the snow. There is an awesome cable here, with lots of fun obstacles, large and small. It's been three years since I've been riding, but after one session back on the water it's like I never left! Now its time to start trying some new scary tricks on the water that I can then start to do on my snowboard!!

It's really cool here, we have a Hot Tub, Table Tennis, Sauna, Volleyball and obviously all the Watersports! So I think i'm gonna be having a lot of fun! I've got myself set up in a nice little caravan, which i've gradually been making more homely. 

I'm still going to be snowboarding over summer though, thanks to Hemel Snowdome i'll be joining their team and riding on their Freestyle nights! I went up last week and met everybody, and had a little shred! It only took 30 minutes from here so that's perfect, I'm going to try and get up there most Fridays after work!

So if anyone wants to come down and try out Wakeboarding let me know!!

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Board Test/Spring Break!

After finishing up the season in the Zillertal valley, and leaving our lovely little apartment, we headed over to Kaunertal (also in Austria) for the Snowboard Test, this year also known as Spring Break! I had never been before so i was really excited to check out all the new stuff and see friends that have been in various places around the world!

Luckily my Tirol Snowcard that I've been using for the season also covers Kaunertal, as it's just on the edge of Tirol. Westbeach sorted us out with a nice apartment for the week, and also let Nathan come and join us for the week....he must have been the only skier there! The weather followed on from what it had been like over in Hintertux, a bit grey and rainy, but we were lucky to get a few days of sunshine!

I met Matt, from GNU snowboards and got hold of two lovely new snowboards for next season. I tried out a few, and decided on a Velvet Guru in 143 - this is slightly longer than the B street i've been on for the past few years, as I want to try something a bit longer and stiffer for hitting the jumps next season. I also got a Girls Park Pickle in 140 which i'm going to use in the snowdomes over summer. It's soooo soft and fun to jib around on, so should be perfect in the snowdomes! So thanks very much for that!

The highlight of the week for me was going up to the glacier at about 8pm for a night shoot with Westbeach. Once we got up there the piste basher came to meet us, and took us to the top of a park to session a rail.....but not just any rail. But unfortunately that is all top secret for now!! Watch this space!

There were lots of events going on through the week, on  the first day was the Whitelines Rail Jam, which was a stairset with the choice of a Down Rail or a Down Flat Down. The atmosphere was really good, and the finals were in teams rather than individual which made it a bit different. They did a method competition on the Hip, and also a Big Air another day..but the weather wasn't on our side for the big air.

We got a little bit of filming done in the week, so i'll have a little edit coming up from that shortly, thanks to James at Gonzilla.

On the last night was the Quiz...which I had been warned, wasn't any old quiz! It involved putting on, and taking off lots of clothes and even some semi-nude pictures!!! But it was a lot of fun, and nobody really knows how they got home!! A good end to an awesome week! Can't wait til next year!