Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Peanut Butter Rail Jam - Innsbruck

This Saturday a few of us went down to Sane Rinn jib park, by Innbsruck to compete in the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam.  This is a really fun competition that I have done the last few years, and the top 5 from each category qualify for the overall European Finals....and I was one of them :) hooray. 

There were actually loads of girls there, about 25 I think from all over, i guess Innsbruck is quite central, an there are loads of good mountains around. So the level was high, as was the set up. But I actually really liked the rails, single barrel handrails - One long down rail with stairs, One (very long) Flat Down Flat, and One shorter down rail which had the option of a large gap, or side on from the left hand side. We had some time to practice so I felt quite happy, and started trying some new tricks on the shorter down rail.

The first heat went well, you have to hit all three features and your best score on each counts. I managed to get my tricks on each feature quite early on in the 15 minute heat, so then spent some time trying a switch back blunt 270 out on the rail. I just about got one (not all that neat, but ok) in the heat, and got into the finals.

Finals then also went well, I got the tricks i wanted on the first 2 rails straight away, and then landed a much cleaner new switch back blunt 270 on the third rail. I had some time left so tried to improve my tricks, but was just stoked to have got the new trick :)

Overall I came 5th, which gets me a place in the European finals in Avoriaz at the end of the month! I'm really happy as it's in my 'home' resort (kind of) so i'll get to see all my friends there! I'll have to learn some tricks if I want to place, as I'm sure the level will be ridiculously high!!! 

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