Thursday, 30 May 2013

Liquid Leisure!

So, I'm back in England!! first summer in quite a few years...although so far i've only seen the sun twice!!!

I've got myself a job down at Liquid Leisure Wakeboard park, i'm working in the shop over summer,which will be a nice change from being in the snow. There is an awesome cable here, with lots of fun obstacles, large and small. It's been three years since I've been riding, but after one session back on the water it's like I never left! Now its time to start trying some new scary tricks on the water that I can then start to do on my snowboard!!

It's really cool here, we have a Hot Tub, Table Tennis, Sauna, Volleyball and obviously all the Watersports! So I think i'm gonna be having a lot of fun! I've got myself set up in a nice little caravan, which i've gradually been making more homely. 

I'm still going to be snowboarding over summer though, thanks to Hemel Snowdome i'll be joining their team and riding on their Freestyle nights! I went up last week and met everybody, and had a little shred! It only took 30 minutes from here so that's perfect, I'm going to try and get up there most Fridays after work!

So if anyone wants to come down and try out Wakeboarding let me know!!

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