Monday, 29 July 2013

Summertime! Update

Well, it's been an awesome summer so far!!! I feel very lucky to have had so much sunshine and warmth after so much winter :) The lake has been very busy since it got warmer, which means I have been working long hours, and only really getting to go wakeboarding on my days off. The water is up at around 25 degrees though so no more wetsuits! yipeeee

It's been awesome wakeboarding again, I had forgotten how fun it is, and it's so nice being on the water on a hot sunny day! It's also been a nice change from snowboarding everyday, but its still a very similar sort with the same buzz of trying new tricks and landing things for the first time. I got some pictures and things taken a few weeks ago, by Stephan Beaumontski, a photographer who wanted to get some different shots....waterskiing and wakeboarding was ideal :) 

We've just had the Wakeboard Nationals on too, which is a big British event, so loads of relaly good riders have all been coming down to practice, which has been really fun. I got to watch a bit of the Qualifiers on Saturday but then was off to York for a wedding! :) Nathan's mum has just got married, so we've been up here in York celebrating. It also meant Nathan flew back from New Zealand so double win :) It was a loely wedding and I got to meet more of Nathans family which was nice. Congratulations Janet and Graham!!

I've been having fun going up to Hemel Snowdome some weeks to still get a shred in! The set ups there have been really fun, and i've been trying some new tricks that I've been doing on my wakeboard :) Although, the last few weeks I haven't been able to drag myself from 30 degrees sunny lake to go up and put my snowboard gear on!!! But, make the most of it while it is England! made a nice edit for me from a few days riding up in Kaurnetal for the Snowboard Test...thanks very much for that :) Here's the link... 

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