Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Vans Hi Standard

On Saturday, there was a fun comp on up at Mayrhofen Penken Park. They did it last year too, but unfortunately I had work so couldn't go! But this year I made it along....even if I as a little late.

It' quite different from most other competitions, it's based on style so no tricks over a 720! (Not that I ca do a 720!) But for the guys this meant a lot more slower rotations and cool grabs rather than double corks.

It's also not really about a podium finish, it's cash for tricks. So if you stomp a trick or do something nice, you get given $5 vans dollars to hold onto. Then at the end of the day you go cash them in and get 20 euro a pop! I like this format as it means everyone gets a little something, rather than one person walking away with everything.

The jump in the background, and rails.

The day started off on the jump, I got there a bit late so everyone was already in full flow hitting the jump. It had only been built a few days before so I hadn't hit it yet so I was a bit nervous, especially with everyone trying to drop at the same time. Eventually I hit it and did a nice bit indie grab, and got myself some cash! :)

Then we moved onto the rails. We were shredding the 'stairset', or really a slideset. It's cool as it doesn't hurt as much as stairs to fall on, but still makes the features a bit more tricky, and it looks cool for photos! I got a few tricks I was happy with, and even an OK frontboard (which i'm still trying to perfect these days) so I was stoked. And got myself another 20 euros :)

At the end of the day they did some cool prize giveaways, people were dancing, limboing, getting naked, and all sorts to get themselves some goodies. I won a pretty long handstand contest and got myself a backpack :)

So overall a fun day and a really cool different competition format! Definitely wanna do it again sometime! Much better way of getting cash than being a waitress!

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