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I have just moved over to Austria for the winter season. It's the first time I've been here, but I had heard great things from friends and seen some cool videos of the park! I like to try and go to lots of different places, rather than going for the easy option (usually Morzine); so even after hearing how tough it was to find a place to live, I rocked up with my boyfriend Nathan homeless and jobless! 

The snowy view from our balcony,
with Kaltenbach in the background
Everyone was right, it is really difficult. We ended up door knocking for over a week in and around Mayrhofen, using our limited German to try and find an apartment, room or even just a bed! We must have walked miles! Eventually we realised we were going to have to live right out of town if we wanted something soon, and we just wanted to go skiing! We found ourselves a place in Stumm, which is a 25 minute train ride from Mayrhofen. Its really nice, which is what won us over...although it is a good 15 minute walk from the train station across a snowy field and over a tunnel! That'll keep us fit anyway!

So this week we've finally got to go riding! We are close to one of the Zillertal resorts called Kaltenbach which is sick on a powder day! (We've pretty much had powder days everyday!) There are loads of pillows and drops that are really accessible from the lifts...and not even that many people riding them. Lets hope it stays that way once the Christmas crowds get here.
Me and Charlie up at the Hintertux glacier

We've also managed to get up to Hintertux glacier a few times, again we mainly rode powder...but i think we'll be giving that a miss now the other resorts are open as it's REALLY cold up there! I got a bit of a frostbitten nose the last time we were up there in -30 something degrees with windchill!

The baby park in Mayrhofen was open a few days ago, so we went and had a play there on the funboxes for the afternoon....just having a play and getting back into it. But I've heard the jib line might be opening tomorrow so will have to go check that out! 

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