Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sun's out, Bums out!

Christmas and New Year have whizzed by! We cooked most of the Christmas dinner at our house, as we're the only ones with an oven! We cooked a huge turkey and a chicken, then got picked up in the car and driven to Mayrhofen to eat it all together as one big happy family! We then headed down to the Igloo to have some drinks...but it was empty, so went back to the Gasthof and played drinking games...obviosuly. Anyone who has been to Austria...Stroh was involved! The rest is a bit of a blur...not quite sure why?

We've finally had some good snow this week again, after a fair bit of rain and sludge over New Year. I had a persistent cold that dragged on so I havn't been riding too much since Christmas! But, I'm feeling better now (yay) and we went to Mayrhofen today to ride some freshies!

We bumped into Kyle, Corey and Ben and rode a valley we found last time it snowed, just above the park. It's nice and accessible and the snow was pretty good out of the sun...our first run was a bit crusty. Hiked a little natural hip a few times and got a few pictures. Corey was sending some HUGE flat unfortunately as the run out was prety non-exsistent. Then we went for a short hike and found some smooooth powder! Definitely have to head back there next time it snows! We got the awesome picture 'Suns out, Bums out' just after our hike!

I've just started making some weekly goals...a few for jumps and a few for rails. Nothing tooo crazy but just to try and get myself to start doing things I normally try to avoid. Like spinning backside and hitting bigger jumps! So...gonna head over to Mayrhofen tomorrow and hopefully start trying some new stuff! Wish me luck!

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