Saturday, 16 February 2013

Double Upside Down Loopty Loop Waterslide!

It's been a fun couple of weeks! On Monday, after a little ski in the morning, we headed out of the valley down to a place called Worgl to go to the L2 Waterslide for Coreys birthday! But not just any waterslide, this one goes round in two upside down loops!! Everyone was really excited....and I was actually pretty scared! We warmed up first on the little slides, then headed the 25m up to the bigun! I was kinda hoping Polly would chicken out, so that I could too....but she's too brave and went for it, so I had to to! It was really fun though once i did it! My heart was racing and it was over in a flash. I had my eyes closed the whole way! :) Then we went up to do it again!!

On Wednesday we went on a trip out of the valley again! Over to another ski resort, on the Tirol snow card, Steinplatte. It's the first time we've actually gone to ski out of the valley, and it was loads of fun! We had a good crew as some friends have been going the last few weeks as 'Big Wednesdays'. So hopefully we'll start going a bit more often...although I usually have to work Wednesdays :( The park was really fun, we didn't have the best weather, it was pretty flat light and snowing lightly....but the jibs there were really fun. A nice long park with a variety of features, you could get about 12 hits in a run!

ANNDD this week I also got sent my new Westbeach outerwear :) Which is all really nice and very exciting!! Hopefully we'll get a few better visibility days this week and can get some filming done, i'm hoping to get a short edit up by the end of the week! So, that's all for now folks!

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