Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hintertux Glacier

So, spring is here and after some really slushy last days up at the Penken Park, the park up on Hintertux glacier is finally open :) I've been looking forward to riding up here, as i've heard the jumps are really good, and we got here a bit late at the start of the season to catch the park. The shapers from Kaltenbach park are working up here, and they did a great job down in Kaltenbach, so I was excited to come ride the winter snow and not slush! (The park is up at 3250m ish). 

I've finished work now, which is great as I kept missing all the sunny days and having cloud on my days off! But now we have another 2 weeks to ride here before heading over to Kaurnetal for the Board Test (Spring Break). The kickers are really nice, you can get a lot of air time on the second medium jump, which takes a bit of getting used to, but is also nice as you don't have to worry about knuckling :) We keep meaning to get more filming/photos done but there doesn't seem to be that many sunny days (even though it's spring)! And when we do get some sun, we just want to hot lap! But here's one from yesterday of me doing a Front 360 Indie :) (Unfortunately it came out a bit blurry as someone walked in front of the camera just as I dropped! Oops.)

There are also lots of nice single barrel down rails of all variations to ride, but they have a lot more jib features that'll hopefully be ready soon! Some are currently sitting at the bottom of the hill waiting to be heli'd/driven ? up to the park! But they look sick! And there seems to be some plastic tubes (donkey's and thin / thick tubes) which should be good for learning some new tricks on :)

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