Saturday, 27 April 2013


In our last few weeks in the Zillertal Valley, we were hoping to ride Hintertux Glaciers sunny park everyday.....this was not the case! The park sits right on top of the glacier, which means it tends to hold the cloud. We've had a bit of a grey and miserable most days the park sat in the middle of a nice bit fat grey cloud!! So we started to watch a new series to keep ourselves entertained; Game of Thrones... but in under a week we got hooked and managed to get up to date! 

So then we needed a new activity...Nathan drove up to Hochfugen one day, which is one of the resorts near us that has now closed, to see if he could find any snow to play on. He managed to find an awesome vvrrrrr tube (a corrigated tube) which we built into a jib and sessioned almost everyday for a week!! At first it was only a few of us, but one day pretty much all the left over seasonaires came and we had about 15 of us! The shaping got better everyday, when Si Cudlip came along he made it his masterpeice, and kept closing it for 're-shapes' was turning into a real park!! haha

Rowan's cork onto the tube!
 I think everybody learnt some new tricks, and as it was a nice mellow tube, tried things they hadn't done before. Rowan even went for a switch backslide cork 270 off the heels!! Which didn't turn out so well....once he removed the cork though, he nailed it! :) It all turned out to be a lot of fun! Now...back to Game of Thrones...

Back Lip / Front Lip

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