Thursday, 31 October 2013

Love Jam baby

Last weekend I did my first wakeboard competition. It was held down at Liquid Leisure where I've been working over summer. It was super fun helping organise the comp and also getting a chance to compete and get out on the water. A nice way to end a really fun summer!

Westbeach have written this nice blog post on it :) Thanks Westbeach

Sabrina styles her way to a medal on the wakeboarding lake

Sabrina styles her way to a medal on the wakeboarding lake
We’ve always said that Westbeach UK team rider Sabrina Burnham walks on water – and now she’s got a medal to prove it. Ok, it proves she rides on water at least.
While most of us have spent the summer pining after the powder and waiting for winter, Sabrina has carried on shreddin’ but this time on the cable wakeboarding lake at Liquid Leisure in London.
And the practice has certainly paid off as she charged her way to a silver medal in the Amateur Women’s category at the Love Jam 2013 contest in October. Each rider was given eight minutes on the cable to impress the judges by hitting as many tricks as possible on the rails and kickers.
“The judges were looking for style, difficulty and variation,” said Sabrina. “The main thing was trying not to fall off, because if you did the clock was still ticking and you had to run back to the start to get back on. So it was a balance of difficulty and safety.
“Unfortunately I fell on a switch frontside 360 on my second lap, so quickly swam out, got to the start and back on the cable. I went straight for the 360 again and nailed it. Next lap I went for the 540 and got it first try – I was stoked!
“It was a lovely way to finish off my summer at the cable park, it’s been awesome still getting to shred but doing something slightly different. We then went in to have a big after-party and got stuck into beer pong!
“I’m ready to get back out on the snow now, in two weeks I’m back to Austria for winter.”
You can read more about Sabrina’s antics on the wakeboard lake here. We can’t wait to see how all that extra practice pays off when she hits the snow.

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