Sunday, 10 November 2013

Back to the mountains!! :)

We're back!! Finally back to our nice little apartment in Stumm (near Mayrhofen). We drove out on Wednesday nice and early to drive through the day. It was raining sooo much in Germany, Nathan did really well doing all the driving!!! I was navigator and sandwich maker :) We made it 'home' by 9pm so wasn't too bad! We woke up to some cool cows jingling around in the field behind our house...MOOOOOOO!

Overview- 8/11/13
Thursday was set to be bluebird so we head straight up to Tux glacier for our first day of riding!! It was so nice to be back on real snow, the snow domes have been good to ride over summer but it was nice to cruise a bit and pick up some speed! 

The park set up is really good up there! We got there a bit late to hit the jumps as the light starts to go at about 12 behind the mountain at this time of year, so we just hit the rails. They're all really nice and you can get lots of hits. It's a much better set up than what we left last spring as they were still building everything for spring park at that time of year.
8M Down rail + Box + pyramid

We had two nice sunny days, then it was super snowy on Saturday.  I went up to hike with a friend Joe as its nice to try out some new things when the snows nice and soft! Even if you cant see that much! We went and hiked this little down rail for a bit, up at about 3000m! Hardcore altitude training! Nearly got landed on by Joe trying to get a cool shot!

So I'm all set now for another awesome season! I can't wait for everything to start opening, gonna head to a few more competitions this year as there are a lot in Austria. There's one in Stubai in a couple of weeks so we may all head over to that and check out their glacier setup. 

I'm also stoked to be on the Celtek UK team this year :) Keep my hands nice and toastie up at the glacier!! Check out all their cool and crazy gloves here!

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