Tuesday, 26 November 2013

First few weeks back in the mountains!

It's been great being back in the mountains, and finally getting to shred!!

So far, it's just been glacier riding as the main ski resorts aren't open yet, but they're meant to open this weekend woohoo!! I've mainly been riding Hintertux as its pretty close to our house, but have also been over to Stubai a few times.
Keeping warm in all my new gear! Thanks Westbeach and Celtek!
My friend Chloe (Hardy) came out to visit last week for a bit of a pre season shred and see what Austria has to offer! We rode a few days up at Hintertux, with a mix of weather! And then went over to Stubai. The park there is pretty fun but again the weather was a bit iffy so we could only really hit the rails. It was lovely getting to ride with her again as we did a season together in Chile a few years ago :) She's one of my favourite people to ride with as were good at getting eachother to try things!

On an off day we went to the climbing wall down in Ashau. I've never climbed before, but Nathan used to do it a lot, so it was nice to have a taste to see what it was like! I really enjoyed it, it's fun when you fall a few times (but stay up as you have the rope) and then eventually make it past a hard bit. The hardest thing i found was gripping with my fingers on some of the holds, as i'm not used to that. But the actual climbing bit wasn;t too difficulty (i was only doing the easy ones!)

Nathan getting extreme!!
The novices :)

On Sunday I went over to Stubai again with a few friends for a competition. The 'Wie Schanzen' (we hills) tour. There are four stops all together around Austria. The weather (as always it seems on glaciers) was pretty bad, it was super windy, snowing hard and a white out!! It ended up just being a small rail jam as opposed to slopestyle. Everyone struggled to see and have speed to do tricks, but I managed to come away with third place so was happy :)

Girlie shred :)

Soooo, since then its snowed loads all the way down to town. Haven't really been up to Hintertux much as you can't see anything. We went to do a street rail on Sunday which was really fun! Although, speed wa sa big issue. The boys managed to hit it on their skis with two of us flinging it in, but I couldn't get the speed on my board. Next time!!

Joe setting up the down rail
The boys managed to get some nice shots, here's Nathan!

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