Saturday, 14 December 2013

Goodbye cold cold glaciers!!

Soooo as November came to and end, it was finally time for the lower resorts to open and the end of frostbitten toes and glacier parks!!!

We made a little trip over to Kaunertal though on its last few days of Park. I went with Nathan and two girls also doing a season here, Polly and Bianca. It was a second stop of the Wir Schanzen tour, and we thought we'd make a trip of it and go and stay two nights in a town just down the valley. It was wonderful bluebird on the day, but unfortunately the park stays in the shade for most of the day, so it was extremely cold waiting around for your turn!!

The comp didn't go so well for me, although I think everybody was struggling to actually pull off any nice tricks as everyone had frozen feet and even legs by the time it was time to drop!! The little kids still seemed to have bundles of energy and warmth?! They must have had their Weetabix! The park set up was also really nice, I'm looking forward to going back up there in Spring when its not minus 100!

I think I ended up in 6th, but it was still fun to meet some other girls from around the area.  There are a lot of girls who live down in Innsbruck and travel up to all the different resorts, so it'll be nice to get to know some of them over the season and go shred! There is an epic view of the Dam on the way down from Kaunertal too!!

As there has been lots of early snow in the valley we've also tried to do a bit more urban riding. We went up to a spot just before Hintertux a few weeks ago and set up a jump over a tunnel.
The tunnel
 It seemed pretty big when we got there, but I thought I could manage it. But by the time we built the monster of a kicker, which was a good few meters back from where I had imagined, I decided to leave it up to the boys!! Even they found it quite a challenge.

Building the kicker

Beasty Kicker! Check!
It was pretty exciting to watch and see how something will turn out after making it yourself. Joe did a kinda sketchy straight air, being the guinea pig...he said the kicker was a bit whippy so just went straight back up and backflipped it!!! Crazy boy!! But he absolutely stomped it, it was great!

Joe Webster throwing a huge backflip!

After that we made a pow kicker off a cat track and hit that a few times. That was pretty fun! There wasn't a lot of base yet but it'll be a good spot to go back to once it's snowed a bit more!

Me doing a stalefish into the pow!
Some good weather has set in since all the storms which is nice. Unfortunately I've hurt my shoulder a bit so i'm resting or a few days! Penken park is now open and Kaltenbach set up this year is looking sick!! So hopefully in a few more days that'll be open and i'll be able to go shred! :)

Kaltenbach park is almost ready!!

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