Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 - What's been going on and a short Edit :)

So it's 2014!! Time goes fast, the season is already wizzing by!!

So far it's been really fun, although we haven't had all that much snow :( It started off so good back in November with lots of snow down in town, and we even managed to ride some urban! But since then the 'Fern' has swept through the mountain a few times warming everything up! (Fern means hairdryer in German! And it refers to a warm wind that comes up from Italy through the valley.)

Now quite a green valley!

Although saying that, we still have had enough snow to have some fun in the park. Not everywhere has managed to get all their features in yet, but there is definitely enough to play around on. Just waiting on a few of the bigger jumps to get finished off with this last snowfall.

We managed to have a really fun pow day last week over at Zillertal Arena (by Zell an Ziller). You have to be careful as there isn't much base, but we found some pockets of decent snow in the trees. On our way home we also found an awesome tree house!!! There are lots of them around the valley, but this one was by far the best. We even hiked back up the piste after spotting it to get to it! There was a really cool cloud inversion too, so the view was amazing.

Best Tree House EVER

Really nice view from up at Zillertal Arena last week

We've also been heading out the valley to some of the other resorts on our Tirol snowcard. We went to Steinplatte the other week for a fun day of mellow jibs. It was crazy though, it was so slushy there as its quite a low resort, it reminded me of being back in Morzine a few years ago. Here' a little edit I made from the days adventures, with my friend Bianca.

 A Day in Steinplatte Edit

Last week we headed over to Pastcherkofel, which is near Innsbruck. We'd heard they have some fun jibs and a fairly long jib run. Although once we got there we discovered it wasn't all in yet (snow) so we hiked a little rail and then had a cruise about. It's a really funny small resort, we went up this superold  gondola to get there in the first place.


And on the way back, ended up hiking through some woods to find the middle station!! haha. Fun times :)


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